Weight Reduction

In today’s world, reducing vehicle weight is a never-ending goal for automotive producers. Fortunately for our customers, Corvac has weight savings solutions that also lower cost.

With Corvac Composites’ air, water, and sound management systems, our customers can enjoy weight savings of 30% to 50% over injection molded systems.

This decrease in weight translates directly into improved vehicle range and lower part cost.

Corvac Process™ Hard Plastic Thermoforming – For hard plastic underbody products, the thermoform process can provide saving of 30% to 50% over injection molded systems – usually at significant cost savings. With hundreds of millions of parts installed on customers vehicles, you can be assured that thermoformed parts can handle the job.

As we look at fleet-wide savings, consider the following. For a vehicle line selling 100,000 units/year that switches to Corvac shielding products, 1,000,000 pounds of plastic could be removed from the road. Across multiple platforms that equates to tens of millions of pounds of material that Corvac customers don’t pay for!

Corvac Process™ ThinTwin™ Thermoforming – Corvac is the only supplier in the world producing the ThinTwin™ product line which combines lightweight, strength, low cost, and recyclability into products where stiffness is desired. Two thin layers – one strong structure! The perfect solution for underbody aero panels.

Corvac Process™ Textile and Composite Components – Textiles and Lightweight Reinforced Thermoplastics (LWRT) are in demand from our customers. Our engineering teams have worked with hundreds of formulations controlling everything from water absorption to stiffness to extreme temperature applications. As we frequently ask our customers – “Bring us your problem and challenge us to provide a solution”.