Cost Reduction

Looking for lower cost parts? How about lower cost parts that are 30% to 50% less weight, recyclable, and will easily exceed the life of the vehicle. Corvac solutions can help.

With tremendous weight savings over injection mold technology, our plastic Corvac Process air, water, and sound control solutions help our customers achieve their aggressive program targets. The larger the part, the larger the savings. The opportunity for savings continues with Corvac’s ability to make parts up to 8 feet (2.5 meters) as a single piece, avoiding costly assembly operations.

Corvac’s ThinTwin product line which combines lightweight, strength, low cost, and recyclability into products where stiffness is desired, continues the cost savings focus. Avoid expensive glass-filled composites and costly engineered resins and achieve your stiffness targets with ThinTwin construction. Two thin layers – one strong structure!

By utilizing the latest technologies in presses, robotics, heat transfer, and product transfer mechanisms, Corvac continually pushes the envelope on bringing low-cost production and tooling options to our customers.

Plastics – Textiles – Composites Keeping fresh and staying ahead is the Corvac goal.