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More About Our Company

Corvac Composites, LLC is a supplier of airflow management and water-deflection systems to OEM and Tier Manufacturers. With 30 years of experience, Corvac Composites has become a leader in bringing thermoform manufacturing into the realm of high volume automotive applications. Different from injection molding, the Corvac ProcessTM utilizes a single side mold and vacuum to create the product shape.

WEIGHT SAVINGS: It is estimated that the annual weight that the Corvac ProcessTM removes from North American roads equates to about 18 million pounds and that number is growing!
Corvac is Green for the Environment GREEN for the ENVIRONMENT: Our products are extremely recyclable. We effectively keep millions of pounds of waste out of landfills by using recycled materials. In many cases we have agreements to acquire the recycled material directly from our customers.
Corvac products used globally USED GLOBALLY: Corvac Composites is proud to have great customers such as Toyota, Honda, Fiat and Chrysler. As a matter of fact, for 30 years Toyota has utilized the Corvac ProcessTM on almost every Toyota and Lexus vehicle produced in North America.
Corvac products improve life SOUND TECHNOLOGIES: Corvac Composites makes products that absorb high and low frequency sound, which aids in reducing noise and making life better for the vehicle occupants.
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