Lightweight underbody
encapsulation systems

Corvac Composites is one of the largest providers of underbody encapsulation systems in the world, supplying some of the most highly-rated customers in the world.  Let us show you how our cost-leading Vacuum Form and Compression Form parts can help meet your cost, weight, and performance goals.

Better Vehicles

Better Vehicles

As a world leader in underbody encapsulation systems, we partner with you to meet your cost, weight, and noise control targets using technologies not found elsewhere.

For decades, Corvac engineered solutions have been found on many of the top ranked JD Powers vehicles.

Driving Toward Zero Waste

Driving Toward Zero Waste

Your goals are our goals. Let us show you where we can achieve 100% material re-use and where we employ landfill elimination strategies to minimize waste and protect our planet.

We Earn Your Trust

We Earn Your Trust

Corvac’s decades of partnering with some of the most discerning customers on some of the highest rated vehicle brands in the world can give you confidence that we deliver on our promises.

Plastics. Textiles. Composites.

When you work with Corvac you have options. Whether plastics, textiles, or composites, you’ll find design and manufacturing expertise singularly focused on underbody encapsulation. A world of ideas all in one place.

Lightweight, Low Cost Solutions

We never stop working on the best ideas and designs for underbody airflow and water management. Whether using our lightweight hard plastics or adopting textiles, our technologies can help you achieve your weight, durability, and cost goals.

Innovative Technologies from a Trusted Company

When you work with Corvac, you’re in good hands. Our decades of experience working globally with brands like Toyota, Honda, Ford, and Stellantis can benefit your company, too – giving you the cutting edge you need for success.

Environmentally-Friendly Production

Hard plastic parts produced by Corvac are 100% recyclable and we use 100% of the material – without contributing to landfill waste. For other materials, we work hard to find alternate ways to repurpose leftover waste.

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We have decades of experience working with some of the most prestigious vehicle brands in the world.

Vehicle manufacturers are always looking for the most cost-effective, lightweight, innovative solutions to make superior vehicles. Corvac Composites is a well-established Tier 1 automotive supplier, providing plastic and textile underbody shielding components that solve industry challenges.

With our creative solutions, you can enjoy the results you need while working with a company that delivers.

Ready for a competitive advantage that sets you apart?

At Corvac, we understand that you want innovative solutions to produce even better vehicles. Our lightweight underbody encapsulation systems give automakers a competitive advantage – while delivering cost savings, too.

We place a high priority on maintaining the trust that you share with Corvac, and we know that you shouldn’t have to waste time or money on results that disappoint.

Our deep product knowledge and manufacturing expertise are what have made leading mobility companies in the world rely on Corvac for decades.

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