About Us

The people and processes of today’s Corvac started as a humble North American supplier of wheel arch liners for Toyota vehicles in the early 80s.

In 2006, new energy and focus was brought into the scene and the shape of today’s Corvac began to emerge. Holding the customer as the center of everything that we work on at Corvac, the building blocks of innovation in product, process, and learning took hold.

Fast forward to today and our commitment to the customer has never been stronger. We have grown quickly and are proud of our reputation and the level of responsibilities that we have earned from our customers.

We’ve transitioned from simply manufacturing wheel arch liners in a unique way to now designing and manufacturing full underbody encapsulation systems in multiple materials. Our ability to provide a variety of solutions allows us to quickly fulfill our customers’ needs – and that’s what it’s all about – doing all that we can to serve our customers wherever they may be.