Weight Reduction


In today’s world, reducing weight on the car is the #1 goal of many automotive companies.  That goal is sometimes in conflict with another always important goal – lowering cost.

Fortunately for Corvac Composites’ customers, we have the solution for both.

With Corvac Composites’ air, water, and sound management systems our customers enjoy weight savings of 30% to 50% over old-school, injection molded components.  This decrease in weight translates directly into improved vehicle fuel economy and lower part cost

Since the weight savings also means less material is used to make the parts, Corvac Composites’ components are less affected by raw material price swings than parts made from alternate processes.

As we look at fleet-wide savings, consider the following.  For a vehicle line selling 100,000 units per year switching to Corvac wheel arch lines, underbody aero panels, and under-engine shields, 1,000,000 pounds of plastic could be removed from the road.  Multiply that by multiple vehicles and the savings are tremendous.  That equates to millions of pounds of material that Corvac customers don’t pay for!