Cost Reduction


Looking for lower cost parts?  How about lower cost parts that are 30% to 50% less weight, recyclable, and will exceed the life of the vehicle.  Corvac solutions can help.

With a typical weight savings of 30% to 50% over injection mold technology, Corvac air, water, and sound control solutions are almost always lower in cost as well.  The cost advantage increases dramatically as part size grows, with customers sharing stories of huge savings per part for large under body aero panels.  The opportunity for savings continues with Corvac’s ability to make parts up to 8 feet (2.5 meters) as a single piece, avoiding costly assembly operations.

The savings picture continues as we utilize a wide variety of tooling options.  By utilizing the latest technologies in presses, robotics, heat transfer, and product transfer mechanisms, Corvac continually pushes the envelope on bringing low cost production and tooling options to our customers.  One advancement in processing methodology has allowed us to tool wheel arch liners by up to 80% lower than a similar part in injection mold – and we are not done yet. 

Keeping fresh and staying ahead is the Corvac goal.