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Corvac Composites is a supplier of UNDER BODY ENCAPSULATION SYSTEMS to OEM and Tier 1 mobility manufacturers. With decades of experience and a focus on vehicle under body encapsulation, Corvac Composites has become a world leader in delivering lightweight air and water management systems. Whether utilizing hard plastics, textiles, or composites, a solution can be developed for almost every need.

We also have products and processes that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Contact us and let us show you how they can help meet your goals.

WEIGHT SAVINGS: It is estimated that using parts produced from the Corvac ProcessTM saves about 34 million pounds (15,500,000 kilograms) of plastic from finding its way to global roadways each year. And that savings keeps growing!
Corvac is Green for the Environment GREEN for the ENVIRONMENT: In thermoforming, the polyethylene used in our products is totally recyclable. Annually, we keep tens of millions of pounds of waste out of landfills by using recycled plastic. We even use recycled PET from water bottles in our textile product lines. In short, we put recycling to work anywhere we can!
Corvac products used globally USED GLOBALLY: Corvac Composites is proud to have great customers such as Toyota, Honda, Stellantis, and Ford. Toyota has utilized the Corvac ProcessTM for decades on almost every Toyota and Lexus vehicle produced in North America. We’ve also helped our customers meet their goals across Europe and the Americas.
Corvac products improve life SOUND TECHNOLOGIES: Corvac Composites produces both sound deflecting hard plastic and sound absorbent textile and composite products that manage sound to make life better for vehicle occupants. For electric vehicles, lowering vehicle weight and reducing exterior noise is very important. Corvac is on the forefront of supplying underbody encapsulation systems for all types of electric vehicles.






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